Using the Konica Minolta MC1600W under OS X

Want to use the (ostensibly) Windows-only Konica MC-1600W with OS X? Konica says no soup for you! You might think there’s some technical difficulty that keeps them from making the drivers available, but you’d be wrong…

Konica would like to up-sell you to their 1680 or 1690 model, at nearly twice the price, which actually uses the same controller and much of the same hardware! But what they don’t tell you is that the same driver – the 1690’s GDI OS X driver – will also work perfectly well with the MC1600W.

I think that’s incredibly underhanded. So no Konica’s in my future.

But if you happen to own one here’s how to get it to work nice with OS X(for Lion, but other versions of OS X should be similar):
1. Download the GDI OS X driver for the 1680/1690 models from here.
2. Install the driver.
3. With the printer connected to your Mac and turned on open System Preferences, Print & Scan, and click the + to add the printer. Highlight the MC1600W and from the “Print Using” drop-down menu click “Select Printer Software…”. Search for the Konica 1680 driver and choose OK.

Done! That’s right, done! Now notice that bad taste in your mouth? That’s when Konica-Minolta is inducing in their customers with this BS. For shame!