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Configuring Wanscam IP Cameras Without Wanscam’s Software

The Problem If you want to set up Wanscam cameras without using a Windows PC (eg. on a Mac, Linux machine, or in iOS or Android) or without using Wanscam software you might have some problems.  Their software may or may not be available for your platform (eg. currently the “OSX” software is actually their iOS […] On-The-Fly Account Switching in OS X 10.6+

Like most people, my wife and I have a number of email addresses for different purposes – work addresses (we each have several for different projects & businesses), personal addresses (Gmail, iCloud, etc), addresses for our various websites, etc.   Over the years we’ve both found that it’s very important for mental well-being to keep […]

Implementing an Apple Help Book in OS X Snow Leopard and Lion

The documentation at Apple regarding help book implementation leaves a lot to be desired. It seems that updates have been added here and there, and overall the documentation is fragmented. Add to that the fact that Apple is no longer providing sample code for it makes the process of creating a help book a royal […]

Using the Konica Minolta MC1600W under OS X

Want to use the (ostensibly) Windows-only Konica MC-1600W with OS X? Konica says no soup for you! You might think there’s some technical difficulty that keeps them from making the drivers available, but you’d be wrong… Konica would like to up-sell you to their 1680 or 1690 model, at nearly twice the price, which actually […]

Simple .deb Creation For Ubuntu

I recently wanted to create a .deb package in Ubuntu for the new netatalk version. Finding a decent tutorial for what should be a simple thing was a PITA.  So here’s one that will hopefully help some people out: Create a folder to work in, eg. ~/builds Download/copy the source code to the ~/builds folder […]

Xcode 4 & Subversion over SSH With Custom Port

I run a SVN repo on a local server that I wanted to connect to via ssh on a custom port using shared key authentication. I use Xcode 3.2.6 for some legacy apps and Xcode 4 for new software.  Unfortunately Xcode is less than helpful with this setup, and though a few things seem to […]

Grab Last Model Number From Alphanumeric String In MySQL

I ran into this MySQL problem today and couldn’t find a clear-cut answer online so I figured this might be useful to someone else. Suppose you have a table a column that houses alphanumeric substrings, such as is often used for item model identification, eg.: A1 A2 A3 B1 B2 B3 AB1 AB2 AB3 How […]

Quick-and-Dirty CHM to PDF Conversion in OS X For Free

I recently had the need to convert a CHM (Compiled HTML Help) file to PDF. A quick search suggested that all of the conversion utilities for OS X available online were non-free, which didn’t make sense to me for a one-off situation. So here’s a free solution, which could be rolled into a simple app […]

Inserting a Minus in a Shell Command

I recently had to use a negative value with a parted command in a script for partitioning a drive up to a certain point before the end of the drive. If it were only for a single size of drive then I could have hard-coded the end point. But, alas, it wasn’t. Fortunately I remembered […]

Running a Command Over sftp With sudo Permissions in WinSCP (aka How To Script sudo Without Entering a Password)

WinSCP, as well as some other ftp/sftp clients, allow you to run commands while connected to the server. They don’t allow you the same flexibility as a true ssh session, but it’s not as intimidating to many newcomers either. Other times you may want to have a script execute without user intervention but which needs […]

AppleScript Objective-C: Dealing with Paths

Here are a couple of notes that might be helpful when dealing with paths in Cocoa-AppleScript applications in Xcode: Getting the POSIX Path to Resources With Global Scope If you need the POSIX path to the Resources folder in the App (for instance, if you intend to reference some resource files in a shell script) […]

Applescript App to Install RemoteHD on 1st-gen AppleTV

Occasionally people ask about a simple way to install RemoteHD on their first-gen AppleTVs without having to run any terminal commands. For those with access to a Mac I created a simple AppleScript app that ssh’s into the AppleTV and does the job for you. You can download it below but for those interested in […]

Fix IR Receiver Issues On 1st-Gen Apple TVs

If your Apple TV boots to a menu (either the regular Apple TV menu with Movies, Music, etc. options, or the Choose a Language menu) but your remote no longer works the likely culprit is a missed IR Receiver firmware update.  Back around version 2.1 or 2.2 of the Apple TV operating system Apple released […]

Using Toyota Techstream TIS under OS X

BACKGROUND INFO After moving from VWs to Toyotas a couple of years ago I started to realize how spoiled I had been with respect to having access to a decent scan tool.  With Volkswagen I used Ross-Tech’s VCDS (previously called simply VAG-COM), which worked quite well.  But with Toyota at the time the options were […]