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Configuring Wanscam IP Cameras Without Wanscam’s Software

The Problem If you want to set up Wanscam cameras without using a Windows PC (eg. on a Mac, Linux machine, or in iOS or Android) or without using Wanscam software you might have some problems.  Their software may or may not be available for your platform (eg. currently the “OSX” software is actually their iOS […]

Simple .deb Creation For Ubuntu

I recently wanted to create a .deb package in Ubuntu for the new netatalk version. Finding a decent tutorial for what should be a simple thing was a PITA.  So here’s one that will hopefully help some people out: Create a folder to work in, eg. ~/builds Download/copy the source code to the ~/builds folder […]

Inserting a Minus in a Shell Command

I recently had to use a negative value with a parted command in a script for partitioning a drive up to a certain point before the end of the drive. If it were only for a single size of drive then I could have hard-coded the end point. But, alas, it wasn’t. Fortunately I remembered […]

Running a Command Over sftp With sudo Permissions in WinSCP (aka How To Script sudo Without Entering a Password)

WinSCP, as well as some other ftp/sftp clients, allow you to run commands while connected to the server. They don’t allow you the same flexibility as a true ssh session, but it’s not as intimidating to many newcomers either. Other times you may want to have a script execute without user intervention but which needs […]